Thursday, 17 December 2009

My First Award!!

I received this award from Rieka Thank you so much for my first award, i am so happy!!! Conditons of this award are that i have to list 10 things about me and then pass it on to 10 others. So here's 10 things about me! 1) I'm from Essex, UK 2) I have 2 children 3) I love Christmas, especially when it snows 4) I love my hobby! 5) My favourite film is The Green Mile 6) The film that scares me the most is Steven Kings IT 7) I love Rock Music 8) I can't drive 9) i've been with my partner for nearly 7 yrs 10) I need a coffee now lol I will send this award on to.... Country Bug Tutorials - Mary ZiggyFan Scrap Designs - Ziggy Sizzelsdeisgns - Sizzel DragonflyMaidenDidIt - Marta Designs By IrishLass - Noeleen Kay's Tutorials - Kay Sharons Tutorials - Sharon Tutorials by Mercy - Mercy KittzKreationz - Kittz ThisnThat - Tammy


  1. awesome thank you hun, I will grab this tomorrow and do what i need to do with it, woohoo, my first award xxxxxx,Marta

  2. lol, i thought you'd be happy!!
    It was my first award too n i was like yippee!!!
    Made me not wanna give up tutting!!!